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Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency review in Indianapolis, Indiana: DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!!

Thanks for your feedback. We have passed this info onto our IT team to look into further.
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Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency review - DO NOT ALLOW THEM ACCESS TO YOUR COMPUTER!!!!

So, I 'blindly" had accepted their offer for a job prior to doing the research on them, which I NOW KNOW was a mistake!!

I'd went in for my 1st interview, which wasn't with who I was told it would be with, RUSHED into what was then known as my 2nd Interview, being the ALL loving "pep" rally of all the *** getting up and promoting themselves as though they were 1 step below God, which they ARE NOT!!

At the time, I said I wanted to move further with them.....went into my 3rd interview and, looking back now, I think the individual who interviewed me was brainwashed by "THEM" but, I accepted the job.....THEN, I went in & Mr. IP installed the software on my laptop....

Once I got home and researched them further was when I had found the other posting and decided to terminate my contract.....

That was a WHILE ago!!!

TODAY, I get a notification on my laptop from Kaspersky that states:

Needless to say......I DELETED it in it's entirety!!!

Moral of the story: If you've EVER worked, or had them install software on your laptops, do a FULL SCAN on your computer!!!! Who KNOWS what these idiots are doing in that SCAM of an office!! I may just even report this to the BBB!!!!!!!!

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Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency review in Indianapolis, Indiana: STAY AWAY FROM CWA

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Bad quality

First let me say that I am a current AIL agent that works for another agency. I am much happier; however, my initial experience with the Cunningham Weatherspoon Agency out of Indianapolis, IN is what has prompted me to write this.

If I didnt believe in the AIL product I probably would have had such a bad taste in my mouth that I would not have considered exploring if there were good AIL Agencies out there, but there are.

AIL is not a SCAM. Granted there are less than ethical recruiting practices and the turn over rate is horrible, but that is consistent with the industry. I did make decent money at the CW agency, I was not promised the world, had to work a lot of hours, and had to witness a lot of things that makes me want to warn anyone else who is interested in working for CW. If you live in Indianapolis or Fort Wayne Indiana, their competing Hancock Agency has been around for years, is stable, and a lot better agency to work for.

It is agencies like CW that give AIL a bad reputation. There are good agencies out there, but you have to research first.

Now I will address the Red Flags at CW.

1. They have two SGA's. and 3 other "right hand men" that run the whole sick operation. It is a well known saying that they are run by "A Rapist, A Felon, and a Psycho". The "Psycho" is this snot nosed young guy who treats everyone like ***, codes business under struggling female agents for "Benefits (if you get my drift)", Is screwing another Master Agent and his personal assistant. He drives a Maseratti and lives in an apartment - go figure.

2. Everyone there is young. The assistants and recruiters are little girls who can be easily brainwashed and trained to their "plastic" mentality. We were instructed not to even call candidates that looked like they were over 40 because those candidates wouldn't fit our "vision".

3. You have no idea who to go to for what. Since everyone is an IC1099, you never know who to complain to for what, who to go to and the SGAs keep it very confusing. They have a "stand offish" attitude when something happens, saying "You are an IC working for our business". Nobody is accountable for anything.

4. Same recruiting tactics as most other agencies. Most candidates have no idea what job they are coming in for, evasive advertising, and they call their assistants "Recruiters" when in reality they are "telemarketing" recruiters. They are given a list of RMS names and numbers pulled from several major sites and they call candidates acting like they have a resume and say this script.

5. They treat their support staff like ***. The receptionist is paid 7 bucks an hour and she does the most out of anyone. She has been brainwashed, like all the other assistants into having "loyalty" and to see "the bigger picture" of future wealth.

6. The company meetings are repulsive. All they are is one big ego session. The SGA's walk in like Gods advancing to the throne up front. Everyone else sits in the audience like they are watching some grand broadway production. Everyone knows when to clap at the right times, and they sit and stand more than a Catholic Church Service. Paycheck amounts are announced and passed out. Agents who are moved up in the chain of command are done so in front of everyone. Those meetings are propaganda sessions to boost ego, self esteem, and keep everyone entertained.

7. They preach loyalty. It is distgusting. They have a "I will take care of you if you take care of me mentality", and anyone who doesn't fit and follow along with their brain washing tactics are quickly weeded out.

8. You cannot trust anyone. You don't know who to trust. It is best just to keep your mouth shut and follow along.

9. It almost feels like a cult. Even people who leave the company, or are fired, are followed and harrassed. Making sure nothing is being said about them. One recruiter was not paid on time for several weeks in a row. She was the top performer for the company and actually did things with honesty and integrity. She ended up losing her car, and almost her home, and owed back pay. The SGA's told her there was nothing they can do to help her because she was an IC contracted under a manager who couldnt afford her so she needed to take it up with him. Again, not being accountable even tho her recruiting efforts helped all the offices and ultimately lined the SGA's pockets. She has since went to a competing agency, but was harrassed by text and email for a while after leaving.

10. One Managing Agent was very successful in Indy and the SGA's asked him to go open another office in another territory. He had to relocate his whole life. It was a struggle getting the office up and running and he was not bringing in money. He ended up penniless and with no support from the SGA's. You would think if they asked someone to relocate to open an office for them, and that person had been successful for them, they would make sure that they are supported and not discarded. NOPE

11. One of the Master Agents recently resigned. This man was embezzeling thousands of dollars from the agents that worked under him and the SGA's knew. How sick is that?

12. Making big promises to keep people motivated and entertained.

13. Profiting from their licensing fee. CW uses Greenlight for their Indiana State licensing schooling. Portion of the 299 initial fee go to line the powers that be pockets.

As you can see, this AIL agency is what gives AIL a bad rep. There are good agencies out there. Do your research. It is a great position for the right person.

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